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Correspondence from the Chancellor's Office regarding the student army training corps.

2/19/21, 7:02 PM

6/2/17, 4:57 PM

6/2/17, 7:26 PM

6/2/17, 7:35 PM

Alumni Publications

11/9/18, 6:19 PM

6/25/21, 4:15 PM

News releases and publications surrounding UWSP athletics.

7/28/21, 4:02 PM

Printed materials compiled by the Ethnic and Minority Center relating to African Americans, civil and human rights, and three Native American nations in Wisconsin.

12/3/20, 7:12 PM

Records and correspondence concerning the Wisconsin Forestry Hall of Fame.

7/28/21, 4:57 PM

Syllabi of past courses taught at UWSP

9/4/18, 2:21 PM

Resolutions and meeting agendas

7/20/17, 2:31 PM

Announcements, correspondence, data, and other materials documenting the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on UWSP and the broader University of Wisconsin System.

9/28/20, 9:18 PM

Announcements, correspondence, and other materials documenting UWSP's responce to civil unrest regarding racial injustice in the national news in 2020.

9/29/20, 7:27 PM

Records from the School of Business and Economics Center for Business and Economic Insight (CBEI), formerly known as Central Wisconsin Economics Research Bureau (CWERB). Records include research, economic reports, and newspaper articles.

7/21/21, 6:32 PM

Annual reports from the College of Professional Studies. Records include the annual reports of various schools and departments within the College of Professional Studies.

8/27/21, 1:29 PM

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